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Old 26-08-09, 16:27
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What it will do is give you a guaranteed octane value, a dyno session on F1 fuel would very likely show an increase in power, and if the engine is mapped properly on quality fuel you would not be at the mercy of a poor fuel batch.
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Old 29-08-09, 22:31
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For me this varying fuel quality issue brings many unanswered questions:

I now have my engine back together & today I pumped all the fuel out of the tank & put it in the road car to use it up.

I put a "fresh" 10 litres of V power in just to start it and run up to temperature after the rebuild.

Now I have a dilema. Do I spend twice as much on a "safe" fuel or carry on with the same as before?

I don't have time to get the engine map checked out thoroughly before the next event so I think I'm going to have to get hold of some safe 100 octane fuel.

After that I think I would prefer to go back to V-power or BP ultimate because I can't really justify the cost of the special fuel (twice the price of V-power). When it does get mapped I think I'm going to have to tell the guy to chuck some 95 in the tank and experiment with a safe map for crappy fuel. Then it's a case of travelling across a few counties and buying some samples of V-power to check it against. If there's any variation in the performance of these fuel samples on the dyno then the map is going to have to be made safe to suit the poorest sample.

Also dyno sessions don't come cheap - £300 - £400
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