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Originally Posted by Steve Wilkinson View Post
As for the difference between (a) when the Tyre Committee make the decision, and (b) when the new lists are published, is because the decision of the Tyre Committee has to be approved within the MSA hierarchy of committees.
I can see your point but ...

1) I think this is part of a wider problem - there needs to be greater transparency within the MSA, better communication and perhaps a change in attitude. There is no reason why they can't publish 'minutes' or a draft statement on the tyre lists and any other key events that affects competitors - even a simple update or holding statement on social media would be better than silence.
My own club (Woolbridge) publish very good meeting minutes each month to keep the members involved and up to date with club decisions / activities. If an amateur club can do this then why can't a professional body that has an income of nearly £8 million a year?

2) Looking specifically at the tyre situation: I can't see the decisions of the Production Tyre Committee being overruled within the MSA hierarchy. This meeting involves the tyre manufacturers saying what tyres will be available in 2018 and what labelling regulations the tyres actually meet, therefore I think its a fairly mechanical process to put them in the appropriate list.
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