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Originally Posted by GrahamV View Post
To remove any doubt the minutes from the MSA Production Tyre meeting should be available to competitors - the very people that fund the MSA. This would allow competitors to plan for tyres / expenditure.
I doubt very much that the MSA will allow minutes of meetings to be published so that competitors can scrutinise proceedings. In fact I doubt whether Meeting Minutes as most of us understand them even exist.

Originally Posted by GrahamV View Post
Very similar - two strands of the same argument: I take a slightly different stance - I can see the need for List 1A and List 1B to separate 'Standard Road Going' from the 'Road Going Series Production' category. My concern is that the MSA decision regarding tyres is taken in early September but we don't know the outcome until mid December..... Some 3 months later.
A large proportion of new cars roll off the production line fitted with tyres that are not in Lists 1A and 1B. Therefore if the "Standard Road Going" classes is to continue shouldn't the regulations for those classes reflect that the cars should run with the same tyres that the cars left the factory with?

As for the difference between (a) when the Tyre Committee make the decision, and (b) when the new lists are published, is because the decision of the Tyre Committee has to be approved within the MSA hierarchy of committees.
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