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Thanks for all the reply's

Beez - I'm prettt sure il come along to watch and maybe drive the fiesta down for a run

Rich - Hello mate, hope alls well & maybe il see you at an event in the future

With regards to my age & towing - I missed out by a year or 2 on the grandfather rights so done my B+E last year and have a ford ranger to tow with and will be buying either a Brian James c4 or a4 at the end of this year

With regards a few things about the car.......

Yes it only has a hydraulic handbrake with a manual flip over toothed style ratchet to keep it engaged, this has always passed mot and they have never said anything but if an independent handbrake is required to run it as road going class then that is out of the question as I'm not messing around fitting handbrake calipers and cables etc

The roof spoiler is adjustable and tonight I ran a straight bar across the roof with a spirit level and it is only just higher so a miner tweak downwards will get that within regs

My cosworth Yb engine is retro fitted with a drive by wire throttle body and the blue book 2016 states only factory fitted as original 2 the engine or with return springs to close throttle if it fails! Well the Yb never had DBW and there are no returns springs visible as it's all built in! I have a proper 2 way Giles and penny throttle sensor all set up on the f88 ECU to fail safe etc so not sure if that would be acceptable?

I have 5 point harnesses now so that's fine or I can change them to 6 point.

My rollcage is a custom caged fiesta international cage but with lots of extras here and there so is all built to correct dia and wall thickness but I don't have any certificate etc?

If I can't get a NAT A open licence without getting signatures on the NAT B licence but the car can't be run in road going class due to the above then is the car no good to sprint in?

Can the car be log booked to run?

Sorry for all the questions

Maybe I could Find a local scrutineer or show the car to someone at lydden hill if I drive it down there?

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