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I have been to the Festival twice.

The first occassion in 2003, I was lucky enough to be part of Team GWR. To be honest it was trully a great experience, Having Mechanic access badges and every now and then, Driver VIP badges meant the general public thought I was a lot more important than i actually am....Athough it was great to get into the holding paddocks and chat to the F1 mechanics. I recall when one of Ferrari boys came over to have a look at Jnrs' New techniques pre-heater and us all trying in vain to translate Diesel into Italian.... a lot of stupid accents and truck driving mimes later and he got the idea...

Generally though they treat it as a demonstration of machine..not really speed. It attracts crazy crowds though.

The second time i went was with a Stag party as paying spectator. Again the paddocks were impressive, but not a patch on spectating real hillclimbs.

Agree with Steve...its all demonstration. On the speed front was there not a fatality a few years back toward the finish?
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