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Originally Posted by ben240z View Post
Every 25 seconds (roughly) during the day someone will be tyre warming which generates engine noise and the tyres squealing. One of the complaints in particular was the constant tyre noise.
Stopping tyre warming at Gurston reduced the noise levels in the paddock and site considerably to the extent that competitors noticed that they could sit in the paddock area and have a conversation during the meeting. The pa was turned down. It made a big difference in noise levels.
And it did not bring on the prophesised " Hollow being littered with crashed cars OR WORSE" that was predicted by a certain Mallock pilot.
Thoughts are my own and do not represent those of Barcsw
That was the basis of my thoughts when I mentioned the other sources of QRM. Tyre warming has changing dynamics involved, from the short burst of acceleration, followed by the tyre squeal, culminating in the cars evetual leaving of the line.
Stopping it would allow the noise floor to drop quite considerably as well as the quietening of other noise sources.

However, nowhere do I state that I am in favour of tyre warming being banned. I am all for it and for many spectators it's what attracted them through the turnstiles in the 1st place.
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