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Teddie2003 09-02-13 02:05

Imp 50 @ Beaulieu
Well as some of you will know, 2013 is the 50th anniversary of the Hillman Imp being launched into the world.

The Imp club are organising various shows through the year. Linwood and Coventry 2nd-6th May, the National at Perth Racecourse 1st-5th August.

The Southern Area Centre's of the Imp club are involved with the show at the Beaulieu on 18th/19th May during the spring autojumble weekend. We are hoping to get 100 Imp powered vehicles at the show.

If any "Uphill Racers" are Imp club members and have Imp based competition cars: Imp, Clan, Davrian, G15, sports racers, special saloon or single seaters(Vixen, Johnny Walker, Delta, Ginetta, Evad4), trials car or oddities like Costin Nathan, Voodoo, Bolwell Mk4, Centaur etc. that you want to display on the club stand.Two free entry tickets with camping are available per car

Please contact me, Steve Mundy on go.imp50.to.beaulieu@gmail.com for more details.

We already have an ex Hartwell circuit racing car, one special saloon, a circuit racer, sprint car, rally car and G15 as well as various Imps, Stiletto's Husky's, Van's and BS Nymphs provisionally booked.

But if you have have an Imp powered vehicle that you would want to bring and you are not an Imp club member at present, please contact me as we might still be able to get you in to the event.

Driftwood 13-02-13 00:15

Ex Hartwell Imp still exist after these years?
are you dragging bill mcgovern down to stand alongside the bevan replica?
pal of mine has the Imp costin nathan in Oz way too late to get that over

Martinp 13-02-13 08:38

There will also be a display of competition Imps at Race retro at Stoneleigh and Bill Mc Govern will be attending on Friday 22nd Feb.
Also on show will be a rare Lynton twin cam Imp engine which will be of great technical interest to many visitors to the show.

Teddie2003 13-02-13 20:23


Originally Posted by Driftwood (Post 76428)
Ex Hartwell Imp still exist after these years?
are you dragging bill mcgovern down to stand alongside the bevan replica?
pal of mine has the Imp costin nathan in Oz way too late to get that over

Hi Kevan,

no Bevan's or ex drivers as far as we know at the moment. The replica car lives in Scotland now, so a bit far to come.

It is "the ex Hartwell" special saloon type though, it ran at Combe in late 80's/early 90's and is still in the area.

The Costin Nathan would have been good to get over here for the events, still hopefully some other good cars will be there in May. Bob can't make it
but couldn't you see about bring his rally car down yourself?


Driftwood 15-02-13 00:15

somewhere i have a tel no for Bill McG from 11 years ago
the other driver from the mid 70s is in spain now
The replica Bevan car came down to classic car show in the winter i saw the photo in CSCC mag
18/19 may i am either going to race at silverstone if the Historic FFord is built by then or possibly trundle down to Lydden ( all subject to ££ of course have busy april may june schedule)

Martinp 15-02-13 05:47

2 Attachment(s)
These were taken at the Classic Car and the Autosports Shows.

CNHSS1 15-02-13 09:02

Martin Baker (of sprint Moggy Minor fame) was running a black Modsports Imp special saloon last season in the CSCC special saloons series, a couple more Imps appeared over the season, worth contacting cscc organiser Hugo, Richard or Andy for contact details.

The turbo'd Clan of UH regular Eric M springs to mind and he's bound to know of a few more.

A few years ago a happy band of Imp based hillclimbers used to be regulars at midland hills, had their own class, no doubt Shelsley organisers still have contact details?

Fireblade 15-02-13 09:54

Might be an idea to contact Ben Boult regarding hill climbing Imps and the like. He knows them all.

Driftwood 15-02-13 13:30

The man paid la la ££ for the Bevan replica
I can get 1 built for a lot less
he seems to have bought a few replica cars the Fraser Imp too
what is a pity is none will see the race track
I remember as kid standing next to the real car in George's workshop in 1975 just before the car was sent away to a museum

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