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Clive Austin 16-12-13 08:50

Sport Quattro
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I wanted something powerful and 4wd. 911 great but too many of them and been there before. RS4 a hoot but kids still don't fit and where's the challenge? Horrible depreciation on both. The obvious answer (as I explained to Mrs A) is clearly to drive 1072 miles in a day to collect a mid 80's rear ended Audi 80 2 door from Germany around which to base a sport quattro build. I attach a pic of thus vision of loveliness in, what I'm sure you'll agree, is a particularly fetching shade of brown. Also a pic of what it will hopefully end up looking like. Have a look at this to see one in action:


I saw one as a yoof and have been smitten ever since.

The basic plan is to shorten the shell of a Coupe Quattro, add the roof and doors from the 80 two door, the tunnel and drivetrain from an S2, a new engine from the US, a bunch of external panels et voila. To be a bit more specific, once all the welding is done we are cutting all the external panels (incl roof but not doors) off and replacing with Carbon Kevlar. I have teamed up with a bloke in Nottingham who is a guru and also who makes the panels. He's doing the difficult bits on the shell and our own Simon Andrews at Worcester classics is also lending a hand. Chappers is also on stand-by in case we decide to go a bit more towards race spec at some point.

Having done a bit of research there are some interesting drivetrain options. Running gear from a mid 90's audi S2 quattro is bullet proof and can drop more or less straight in. The stock quattro engine is good for around 250 BHP but can be boosted to ridiculous levels (1000bhp+) ;-). However, VAG have a more modern 5 pot engine in the States which is smaller, lighter and just as boostable so I'm looking to bolt one of these in.

The idea is to build a road car for myself first and maybe the odd one for chums as a "kit". Everyone tells me that to maximise resale value I should build it LHD since the originals were all LHD and the main market is in Europe. This one will be RHD and with a road car interior though since it will be mine. I think we'll put a half cage in and run around 500 whp to begin although the engine internals will be specd for much more - don't want to go too mad (initially at least !) and for a road car don't want a zillion hp accompanied by turbo lag measured with a calendar.

Anyway, currently striping the 80, the S2 and Coupe Quattro are already sat in Nottingham and the real work is scheduled to kick off in mid February but the build will take a while since, contrary to popular belief, I am actually busy doing real work!

According to Mrs A "...and this is what happens when you get bored in the off season"!

Happy Christmas everyone.


SteveSlowboy 16-12-13 09:21

Sounds interesting Clive! So not a Dialynx but along the same lines....

Good luck with the build.


grahamb 16-12-13 16:26

Thats going to be a great project build thread to follow. Good luck

No Imagination 16-12-13 18:27

Forum member 'Lakes Lad' has just completed(?) this project assisted by Audi guru Keith Edwards................are you out there Mark?

Clive Austin 16-12-13 19:40


Originally Posted by SteveSlowboy (Post 87701)
Sounds interesting Clive! So not a Dialynx but along the same lines....

Good luck with the build.


That's right Steve. I don't think Dialynx are building road registered cars these days but I spent a very helpful hour with Keith Murray on the subject. Also spent a similar hour with Keith Edwards - his white one is a beast but the red one...

Anyway, other than not being called Keith, I think I have most of the key items lined up to begin...

LM Racing 16-12-13 20:53

I think the roof rack should stay on the final car!!

robcapper 16-12-13 21:18

Blimey - just imagine how many electronics you'll be able to squeeze into that thing Clive! ;)

Fireblade 16-12-13 21:29

Did you see the pictures of his Satnav install for the trip back from Germany, Rob?

robcapper 16-12-13 21:32

I did! I'd have believed it if I didn't know he'd chartered a military drone to get him back safe :)

Get a full cage & mega engine Clive - in for a penny...

Clive Austin 16-12-13 21:53


Originally Posted by robcapper (Post 87735)
- in for a penny...

Suspect it might be a bit more than that by the time it's finished but no need to concern senior management with that level of detail...;)

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